Monday, December 17, 2012


This is Nick from Kilgren Photography.  My wife and I started our photography business in September of this year.  Kristin is an elementary art school teacher and has always been passionate about art, in all of it's various forms.  I am an engineer and recently developed my love of photography shortly after our son Bennett was born.  I purchased a digital SLR camera for my wife as a present to take pictures of our son.  She had an old film camera and I didn't think it would cut it anymore with all the pictures we would take.  I began experimenting with the camera and found it very interesting, I wanted to create different styles of photos and did a little research on the Internet on how to take better pictures.  One day when I was talking with my wife about the camera I told her that I wished there was a book that would just show you a picture that would tell you how to set the camera up to take that picture.  Then for my birthday Kristin got me a book that did just that.  I spent all my free time studying and practicing on Bennett and our dog Harley until I got really comfortable with the camera and wanted to venture out and try taking pictures for others.  Our good friends were expecting a baby and I thought that would be the perfect first photo shoot, a maternity shoot.  I did some research online and decided what pictures would be fun to try and take.  The photo shoot went well and I think we captured some great photo's.  Here is one of my favorites from the shoot.

Telephone Brother